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In search of the weevils that cure the cancer ?

 Country: Argentina 
      State: Misiones
         City: Leandro N. Alem

The Rösler family of ALem city, in Misiones , has a hatchery of these bugs that, as they say, it cures the cancer. People of the whole country and of the exterior they come to the county using a hope in the insects. In Buenos Aires he was formed a solidary net.
It is constant going on pilgrimage of people that come closer to this city in search of the weevils that as one says, they cure the cancer. The marriage conformed by Edith and Arnoldo Rösler has in its house a luck of hatchery of the insects..

There, unceasingly they receive the visit of hundred of people that long distances travel to be taken a handful of those small animals.

Arnoldo Rösler, assures to be had cured of a skin cancer, 9 years ago.

Guest Book: Arnoldo, takes a precarious control of people that they visit him continually in search of the weevils. In a coarse dispersed list between several papers and annotators the presence of visitors is verified from the places but remote, as of the Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru among other points of the continent. The list almost arrives to a thousand people and families that they came to look for the insects..

Cost: He doesn't have cost, alone a warm one burns and cure's desire.

Info from: Taken of the publication of the Newspaper "El Territorio", Society-daily section, November of 2001, 18 notice of the journalist Edgardo Barchuck



You will consume the weevil, live, because apparently when the weevil dies in the stomach, it liberates a crotoxina that is the one that acts on the organism elevating the level of defenses. Approximately to the 10 days of the ingestion the pain disappears already.

The form of ingesting is in growing form from 1 up to 70 and then to the inverse one, example:

1° day: 1 weevil +
2° day: 2 weevil +
3° day: 3 weevil +
70° day: 70 weevil +
71° day: 69 weevil -
72° day: 68 weevil -
.... up to 1, and it is given had concluded the treatment.

How to consume It: To take them with Water, not to bite them, since it will make sleepy him the mouth, it is necessary to swallow them alive. Some consumers opted to get capsules of pills in the pharmacy and to put them Into, but the ideal thing is with water.

Serius Cases: It is said that in this cases some consumers, began with 10, then 20, then 30, and they continued adding of at 1 up to 70, then to diminish of to one until zero and to complete the sequence.

Cuba: As always, Cuba surprises in medicine, they are already using it elaborated in a medicine.

What the doctors say: It is a foolishness to believe that the weevils can be treated, this is of ignorant. But the important thing is that: It IS NOT A BUSINESS, nobody charges you to give them to you.

Messages forum

see and write english search in our Beetles forum



You will clean the flask each point, because the weevils defecate. You can take the bread and to change it flask or also to carry out the cleaning of the flask that you this using.

Cure: Generally in winter you can see a white powder inside the flask, be careful this it is a mushroom that kills the larvas and in little time it will finish with the whole colony, change flask. The mushroom takes place for excess of humidity.


How to rice them

The weevils reproduce very quick under special conditions that are obtained by means of the use of flasks of translucent glass and of bread of having saved (the classic black bread, As the "Fargo Diet" that is humid). It covers himself the flask with a cloth to avoid that you enter other insects. If you detect there is not humidity in the bread, it can pulverize it with Water. Attention. The best thing is the rain water or the mineral water. Never net water, because the chlorine kills the larvas.


If you want to expose their experience, scribe to our e-mail address, we will have total reserves of their last name and their personal data. The data will be published indicating "Jorge" 65 years, of Rafaela city, Santa Fe state, their e-mail won't be available, in case they love each other to contact with you first we will ask him if you accept..


Where to get Them

Misiones State
LN.Alem Rösler Family  (Route 4) leaving the city of L.N.ALem toward the city of Posadas. It is in the countryside

See a Beetles net

If you want to be part of the solidary net, write us

Colaterals effects

Until the moment, colateral effects are not known, if one knows that he goes diminishing the pain, until eliminating it.



Mr. Rösler, got it through a family friend to who they brought them to him personally from Germany. Mr Rösler, 9 years ago the breeding and he gives them.


Other uses

People's cases are known that took it for the diabetes, a case of a person that had lost until the fingernails of the hands, exists he began to take and it recovered their fingernails, Another person takes it for the diabetes and you cures of the parkinson. An Engineer of a chemical plant it consumes them for the asthma, a session of 1 at 30 and then it diminishes until zero, this allows him to stop to use the inhaler for the period of 6 months, that is to say it didn't cure him, but he helps him, it exists people's details with AIDS that is well, Of the Soriasis they were treated.

Then that effect has the action of the weevil in the stomach, it is believed that what really makes is to lift the defenses and it is the same organism that is treated for its own means, it is evident that in these serious cases always you continuous with the medical treatment..

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Dieminger Ruben: My objective is that some laboratory or scientist studies the cases and the weevils to obtain a scientific foundation.
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chainofweevil@yahoo.com or weevilnet@hotmail.com



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