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- Chain of the weevil"

Click in: Information to also know information on the therapy well-known as "The treatment with weevils". it Visits the categories "Index", "Information", "Manuals", "testimonies", "Frecuenly Asked Questions", "Publications" and information linked to the topic.

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Click in: Insects Free to get "weevils" by means of the "Net of distributors and collaborators" of the chain of the weevil.

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Spanish weevils Net


Click in: International Center of exchange of Health experiences
to exchange experiences with other or simply to talk about greeting experiences with weevils.

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Click in: Cancer Types to know on the different cancer types and other illnesses in a language, simple of understanding. He also offers accesses to encyclopedias of health.

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Other Projects

Click in: Distributors personal data administration to upgrade your personal data, to change your distribution state, to consent to information specifies, to activate your distribution of insects, to know statistical of accesses to your personal record, to know who consent to your personal record and to receive personalized news. (alone distributors or collaborators can enter)

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Click in: Support schedule to investigation and you can help us to gather signatures that support the investigation order and allow to interest to some university or Institution of the Government on this gratuitous therapy.

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Click in: Free Pockets book´s If you want to obtain manual summaries of "The Coleotherapy - the treatment with weevil", "As Raising insects", "Cares to have", "The pocket Manual", "The kombucha", "The Aloe Vera", several schedules and related information.

Note: only "Pocket books" are available in english

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